W.I.N. (Wealth Is Necessary) we believe that everyone should have an equal amount of satisfaction and a genuine experience when networking with us. I’m Benquita Brown, the passionate entrepreneur behind WIN.  As the daughter of two business owners, business savvy flows strong in my blood and is the driving force behind my ambition. I have been on this entrepreneur journey since I was 18 but things took off for me in 2014 with my best-selling product Zip-and-Go Belts, better known as “The Anti-Fanny Pack”.  When 2020 took the world by storm, I knew it was the perfect time to revamp my brand that's when BB LAVISH was created. We provide shirts, masks, mugs and a variety of customizable products to my dazzling collection.
Now in 2022 I team up with another amazing entrepreneur Chris Trotter. Chris has been on this entrepreneur journey just as long as I have. We came together and W.I.N. Wealth Is Necessary was created. We are going to do even BIGGER things.  Wealth is Not Only about being Financial Free. It's about being wealthy in knowledge, sharing what you know/learn with your family, friends, peers, community the list goes on. If you want something Go GET It even if you have to create it yourself.  Always remember when you have more than you need don't build a higher fence create a larger table. Welcome to the WIN (Wealth Is Necessary) Table where sharing is caring and knowledge is POWER.
Lets WIN 365 days and 247!